Why UI/UX decides the success of online business

  • February 14, 2022

Why UI/UX decides the success of online business [Infographic]

In the customer-centric world, every business wants to be highlighted in the digital sphere.

One of the most promising ammunition for online businesses is to deliver the best user experience (UX) and their respective platforms should have the high-grade user interface (UI).

Simply put, User Interface (UI) is a process of improving interactivity of the web or mobile application, and on the other hand, User Experience (UX) is how a user interacts and experiences a product, system or service.

Techno Infonet a think tank in the UI/UX share Six ‘whys’ on the exceptional role of UI/UX in online business domain.

1. App Looks Matter

First impression is the last impression, any app or platform visuals decide whether users want to continue or move to the next fascinating option available.

2. Adaptable and accessible

The user does not want to experience any hustle and bustle while using an online platform. The utmost expectation of any user is to have a flawless experience. Businesses need to continually upgrade their UI/IX systems as per the market demand.

3. Customer Retention a tough game

Repeated users visits means increase in potential customers, it all depends on their experience and expectation of visitors with the platform. UI/UX plays a prominent role in customer retention and traffic growth on respectable business platforms.

4. User centric platform

Nowadays, business decisions are taken through data; with the use of data analytics businesses can categorize different sets of users and their demands. Data driven UI/UX can give users delight every time they open any online platform.

5. Profile maximization

The ultimate motive of any organization is to generate revenue. By providing a top-in class user experience, any business model can out-reach its competitors.

6. Branding

Good UI/UX helps in establishing a brand reputation of a platform, with impressive UI/UX user will share that experience with hundred others, which subsequently multiply brand value of that platform.