Techno Infonet

Playing games is one of the most energetic activities that not only contributes to physical fitness, but also makes a person happy and refreshed. In today’s life after starting our job we forget to play games due to our daily work routine. Games make us feel alive, boost our energy and most importantly helps in keeping our mind refreshed. So, there are lots of benefits involved in playing games. Playing games makes us forget all our stress, inducing happiness and joy along with making us active.

So, in Techno Infonet we believe in taking care of our employee’s refreshment needs. Every working Saturday our HR plans out some refreshment games for all of us so that we get a change from our routine work environment. Playing games in office premises help in creating a healthy environment along with giving a chance to understand our team members. Moreover, playing games have several benefits that which includes physical fitness, some refreshment during working hours and team building.

This 4th working Saturday we played one of the most exciting and fun-filled games – Badminton. So, we played the game by dividing our employees in two teams, namely Team A and Team B. A player from each team would play against each other until one of them got out, giving a chance to other team members. In addition to this, we made sure to note down the points so as to declare a winner in the end. Team A was declared as the winner, defeating their opponent – Team B.

We really enjoyed the game. In the end, we all had tasty snacks, selfied all the moments and enjoyed the weekend activity.