Techno Infonet

It is always a rewarding session when all the team members gather together and have a healthy discussion. By talking our hearts out we not only feel good, but we also get to understand our colleagues better. In the corporate world where we all are constantly rushing to complete our tasks, a small speed breaker is required to get us energized. What if the speed breaker is just a casual or healthy discussion with our teammates?

Techno Infonet always takes an initiative for something good and different. Every working Saturday our HR plans out some refreshment activity for all of us. So that we get a chance to come out of our routine work environment. Also, the activities play a great role in the better understanding of all our team members. Afterall, we work together and coordination is very important. The Saturday Activity is a great way to interact with all team members and it helps in creating a friendly work environment along with enhancing the team building spirit.

This 2nd working Saturday we conducted a Friendly Discussion session. In this session, all the team members were encouraged to participate in a discussion; allowing them to share their thoughts and opinions. The topic of discussion was – “Why there is no innovation in India and why other countries are witnessing it?” – Everyone’s thoughts and opinions were unbiasedly welcomed in the discussion session.There were opinions such as lack of government support, the inability to accept change, conservative traditions, lack of encouragement from schools and colleges, hesitation to accept change and many such points filled in the discussion session.

We really had a great discussion on how to bring about some improvement in our country. In the end, we all had tasty snacks, selfied all the moments and enjoyed the Saturday Activity.