Techno Infonet

If you’ve had a good time playing the game, you’re a winner even if you lose.”

We all since our childhood love to play games. Some of us might have ‘our favourite ones’ that we would like to play with our friends, family, and colleagues as a part of recreation and fun. But in this technological age, where we hardly have time to play games, we prefer playing them in our mobiles. Time has certainly changed. We have forgotten that playing games with our colleagues, friends, and family helps us to know more about each other, brings us close, build unity around us, and above all helps to grow stronger in our relations.

Here at Techno Infonet, we don’t skip a chance. We make sure that we all participate in the fun that is waiting along our way. After our hard work throughout the week, we eagerly wait for the weekend to enjoy and spend some leisure time by playing indoor games. This time, we chose to play Chess and Housie Games wherein all of us joined to have a blast.

We could see a tough competition between the chess players and were eagerly waiting to see who would be the winner. All of the players played hard and tough, and were successful in giving a ‘check’ call to each other but after the hard fight from both the sides, we heard the checkmate’ call from the stronger opponent. Thereafter, we played Housie during which we had great fun and came across some thriller moments. Well, it took long to get 1-row complete. But till the full housie we all were getting curious and frustrated as to when will the denner (one of our employee) call out that one number which could make us win the full housie as we had some tight competition between few players. Finally, the unexpected player received the full housie and enjoyed thoroughly.

Well, it was that weekend where we enjoyed the best times with our colleagues and made the weekend memorable by grabbing it all!

You can’t lose a game in which you’re not even competing.