Techno Infonet

“RANG BARSE…….. HOLI HAI!!!” “Holi is a time to spread the color of happiness & Masti…. Everlasting enjoyment

It is the time where you forgive your mates and spread joy and love. It’s the pleasure to express the happiness of being loved and to be loved while enjoying with colors.”

Techno always strives hard to make each and every celebration as the most happening one. The same is with the festival which announces the onset of spring in all its vibrant colors. The celebration started post office hours. Starting with gulal splashes, the celebration was echoed with the best and age-old saying “Bura na mano Holi Hai!!!”. And nevertheless, after the holi celebration for the whole team we also arranged for a HOLI LUNCH PARTY. Now this is called “Double Holi Dhamal”…