Techno Infonet

Corporate Social Responsibility speaks of the ongoing commitment by business to function morally and contributes in economic progression while representing respect for people, society, communities, and the ecosystem.

Techno Infonet has always integrated social responsibilities in their business operations exceedingly. Also, Technorians when it comes to social activities chip in and make every possible effort with a generous attitude for the welfare.

Our company is a member of the NGS Business Club and was invited at the seminar on Corporate Social Responsibility organized by the Nav Gujarat Business Club on Thursday 13th August. The speaker of the seminar was Mr. Maheshwar Sahu – Chairman of Gujarat CSR Authority. Considering it as a moral deed, we without a second thought made ourselves available at the given venue and on time: Gujarat Chamber of Commerce, Ashram Road, 6.00 pm.

A lot of different renowned companies just like us were present and we had a very significant discussion – The importance of Corporate Social responsibility and other essential topics pertaining to CSR. The seminar had valuable knowledge sharing speech on CSR followed by experts solving questions asked by the audience. The takeaway of this seminar was “Business has a responsibility to give back to the community”. It is a lesson for a lifetime and we will leave no chance to testify this.