Techno Infonet

Everyone knows English is emerging as the global language for communication. It is inevitable to know English to communicate smoothly. We, Technorians agree to the fact that no one can learn English completely, and scope of improvement always persists. Thus, to learn and improve the English language along with your work it is important to attend training and practicing continuously.

Understanding the importance of learning English, our Human Resource Manager at Techno Infonet has organized a club named “Techno Learner’s Club.” This group is formed with a motto to learn with fun because what we learn with pleasure, we never forget. And, it is important to say that members of this club are open to learning, curious and willing to grow.

Held totally for six times a month that counts 4 Wednesdays and 1st, and 3rd, Saturdays, the time duration is about 30 minutes. This valuable half an hour include grammar lessons, pronunciation improvement, reading and writing skill enhancement etc. The sessions are carried out using PPTs, whiteboard & notepapers. A lot of English based engagement activities and games are also played such as role plays, group discussion, word hunt, storytelling and more to keep the learning spirit alive in them.

At the end of each session, the takeaway of the training is explained along with the improvement each one has made so far. Moreover, to identify the progress of each member periodical evaluation tests are conducted. The “Techno Learner’s Club” has completed its successful ten months with a realization that even the wisest mind has something yet to learn.

So, open your mind, never stop learning, and never stop growing.