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Parth Patel Employee of the Month August

It is absolutely important for an employee-centric company to look for different ways to reward the extraordinary efforts of its employees. Techno Infonet knows various unique tactics to fuel the productivity of employees. The “Employee of the Month” award is one of the highly appreciated rewards offered by the company.

For the month of August, Mr Parth Patel was crowned as an “Employee of the Month”. He has been serving as “Senior SEO Executive” for more than 3 years with Techno Infonet. In such a long journey with the company, he has proved himself umpteen times. During August month, he surpassed the expectations of the management and overachieved with his extraordinary performance. His exceptional skill set and deep understanding of search engine algorithms have been proven as a great asset to the company. He is a sublime example of dedication and persistence.

When asked about his experience, he said, “I am much obliged to receive this award for the second time. Techno Infonet has always granted me full freedom to go out of the box and implement futuristic strategies. I wholeheartedly thank the company for always encouraging me to do better. I am proud to be a part of such an amazing work culture”.

Certainly, Techno Infonet has been bringing smiles to the faces of Technorians with its employee-centred practices. For a long time, the “Employee of the Month” award has helped the company in gaining the trust of its employees. In conclusion, it can be stated that Techno Infonet has cracked the code for making employees happier and enhancing their morale.