Techno Infonet

Employee of the Month

“Always treat your employees exactly as you want them to treat your best customers.”

-Stephen Covey

It is an overwhelming feeling when you are appreciated for extra effort. Every organization has the opportunity to value the contribution of its employees through various recognitions. Building an unbreakable stature of any company is only possible with the equal support of employees. Hence, Techno Infonet strives to take exemplary steps for employees’ betterment.

For the month of May, Mr Amit Soni was crowned as an employee of the month. He has been serving as a Project Coordinator with Techno Infonet. Mr Amit Soni has exceptional management and organization skills which differentiate him from the crowd. Due to his persistent dedication to work, he has become an integral member of the Techno Infonet family. It was his presence of mind and problem-solving capabilities that led to his selection as an employee of the month.

Mr Amit Soni felt honoured with this recognition. He stated, “I alone could not have achieved the employee of the month title. The support and outstanding coordination with my team are equally responsible for my achievement. I wholeheartedly thank Techno Infonet for always supporting me and believing in my potential. It is certainly an empowered feeling to be appreciated in the right manner.”

Techno Infonet admires his remarkable inputs and congratulates him for becoming an employee of the month.