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Playing games in the office not only helps us in feeling energized but also adds to our health factor. It also gives us the much-needed break from our work routines. How do you feel after watching a football game session? Refreshed, isn’t it? When merely watching a game makes you feel all energized, just imagine how good we would be feeling when we play these games. Well, conducting a football match might be a bit challenging, but there are some other games that could be played in the office premises.

Every Saturday our HR plans out some interesting game for all of us so that we can get some kind of refreshment in our workplace. Playing games makes us feel lively and energetic, giving a break from the daily work routine. When we get the chance to play some game or employee engagement activity, we get to relive our stress and tension.

On the 4th working Saturday we played a very interesting game and also took part in the Dhyan session. The Dhyan session consisted of 1 hour. This 1-hour session immensely helped us in reducing the work stress that otherwise would have hindered our productivity. This session also helped us in understanding the power of positivity and the benefits that it has in overcoming stress and tension.

After this, we played a very interesting game called – “Blast your colleague’s ballon”.  The game goes somewhat like this – All the team members gather at one place. The HR gives a ballon and a toothpick to each and every member. Each and every member has to blow their ballon and be ready for the game. With the blow of the whistle, each and every member heads towards blasting their team member’s ballons with the toothpick. Simultaneously, the members have to take care of the fact that their balloons do not get pricked by the other team members. Whosoever succeeds in protecting their balloon wins the game.

We really enjoyed the Saturday activity. In the end, we all relished the tasty snacks, selfied all the moments and enjoyed the weekend activity.