Techno Infonet

Playing games is one of the best sources of entertainment. It not only refreshes our mood but also serves as an energy-boosting tonic. On the 2nd and 4th Saturday in Techno Infonet, we all get the energy-boosting tonic or the refreshment session named the Saturday Activities. We always welcome our working Saturdays happily with open arms.

So, on every working Saturday, our HR plans out some refreshment activity for all of us. It is believed that when we end our weekdays with a smiley face we get back to work with a more refreshed and energetic mind. These sessions help us to boost our productivity by including an element of positivity. Moreover, the Saturday activities also contribute towards team building along with enhancing a positive work environment.

This 2nd working Saturday we played a game called – ‘Funny Photo Click Contest’. To begin with, all the team members were ordered to gather at a commonplace. After this, each and every team member had to click their funny, dangerous and natural photos in a group as well as individually. We all really enjoyed this game and clicked many funny looking photos. Everyone enjoyed making funny poses to click the best funny photo. We also clicked selfies of ourselves putting all the above-mentioned emotions into it. All the team members were successful in clicking funny, dangerous as well as natural photos in a group.

In the end, we all had the tasty snack, selfied all the moments and enjoyed the weekend activity.