Techno Infonet

Holi is a popular ancient Hindu festival.  Holi as a festival of love and happiness and “the festival of colors”. It is a two days festival which begins the night before with Holika Dahan. Main Holi festival is celebrated the next day of this.  Holika Dahan is symbolic to the victory of good over evil.

Techno Infonet strongly believes in celebrations, and we too celebrated this festival of colors. On Wednesday, 20th March 2019, we all gathered at one place to celebrate Holi. Before we began the celebration, we all were given different packets of color that were soon to be emptied on our team members. All of us tried to empty the whole packet by applying the colors on our team members. It was really fun playing with the different colors which were given to us – Red, Yellow, Green and Pink. Before we left for the day we wished by greeting each other as “Happy Holi”. Celebrating festivals in the work premises always add extra happiness and positive work environment.

In the end, we “selfied” all wonderful moments which became a lifelong memory for all of us.