Techno Infonet

‘Happy Employees’ create a ‘Happy Work Environment’. Keeping this in mind Techno Infonet puts in efforts to keep all their employees happy and satisfied at work. Our HR plans some interesting activities on every 2nd and 4th working Saturday to stimulate the happy hormones among the employees.

This 4th working Saturday we played 2 games namely:-

1. Target The Glass

2. Cross The Paper River.

These games required exceptional team management, team coordination, trust and patience to win.

1. Target the glass – The game goes something like this, a team member will be given 3 disposable glass along with 2 pieces of paper. He is supposed to put a glass followed by a piece of paper on top of it. He has to continue doing this until all the three glasses and paper are arranged one above the other. The real challenge of this game starts here. The team member is required to pull out the paper in such a manner that the 3rd glass slips and falls above the second glass. Similarly, he is required to pull the 2nd piece of paper in such a manner that the 2nd and 3rd glass would fall above the 1st glass. Each and every member has 2 minutes to complete the task and the person who completes it within 2 minutes wins the game.

2. Cross the paper river – To play this game all the members were divided into 2 teams: Team A and Team B. This game would be played by one team at a time. All the team members were made to stand in a horizontal line, holding their hands. The first person standing will have a paper in his hand. As soon as the game begins, he would be required to put the paper down and stand on top of it. The person standing adjacent to him will pass another piece of paper which he will be required to put at a distance and move to this second piece of paper. The trick here is that the team members would have to reach the finishing line by tiptoeing on the piece of paper, passed down by the team members, without leaving their hand. Also, when the team members are moving from one piece of paper to the other, they are required to keep their ankles in touch so that they do not step out of the paper. The team, which completes the task quickly wins the game. This game required immense team coordination and trust among the employees.

All the team members really enjoyed these games, had fun and hogged on some really delicious snacks. In the end, we selfied all the beautiful and fun moments.