Techno Infonet

The exciting Saturday crawled the calendars again and once again we boggled our minds to come up with a stimulating game-time which would bring out few sensational moments. Technorians, as already said believes that “All work and no play makes jack a dull boy”. We do not wish to participate in the rat race working nine-to-five, collecting a wage and going home.

Techno gives immense opportunities to its employees to grow in their professional front without missing the pleasure every single moment to bestow. That is why incentives and fun activities are an integral part to keep us focused and revitalized.

This time the game chosen to entertain us was “Hot Potato”, in other words “Passing the Parcel”. Hardly anyone under the sun would not be knowing how this game is played. As the music plays the pillow passes from hand to hand. Whose lap will the pillow land in would be the DUD to receive the punishment (exclusively since these are funny penalties).

The vista was crazy, as the eagerness shot up with the music and the pillows rolled from one hand to another tumbling here and there. Few threw the pillows, and few cuddled to create anxiety. The moment music stopped there was screams and shrills naming the dud. The weird penalties that popped the Technorians included singing songs, mimicking, teasing, flirting, cracking jokes and a lot more.

Truly, at times a simple idea can bring laughter and smiles on faces in this spiteful world. Isn’t it?