Techno Infonet

Techno believes in the growth of their employees. We live and work as a family here. Our employees not only come for work but also for their Personal and professional growth as well. As a Web Development company, our PHP Developer team, the designing team, and other team members not just develop or design the website for the company but also take part in recreational and personal development activities planned in the company.

So, for personal development and growth of employees this 2nd working Saturday, our HR planned communication skill improvement activity – learning with fun.

In this we all the PHP Developer, Web Designer and other team member were divided into 2 team A and B, the game is playing riddle – the guess who am I game. The rule was each team have to create a chit write the name of anything (For Ex – Tea, Bottle, Water) and then pass to another team member. Now team A member has to come with that chit which was provided by team B, have to explain their team about that thing in the form of the riddle in English only. The team members will have to guess the riddle and come up with the right answer.

We had really enjoyed that activity and it helped all the team to improve their communication skill through the fun activity, It was really a good way to learn and improve our communication skill with fun, We all selfied all the moments and enjoyed the weekend.