Techno Infonet

What do employees want? Since the days of the industrial revolution, this question has been persistently asked and the answer has been changing with the evolution of humans. A decade ago, employees merely wanted a stable income to feed their families and survive inflation. However, in recent years, employees’ expectations from companies have changed. Nowadays, they want to climb the ladder of a professional career along with maintaining a work-life balance and having fun at the workplace. Gone are the days when employees endured toxic and autocratic work cultures.

Saturday Activity for the month of August 2022

In this case, enjoyment becomes a top-notch necessity in any workplace. Techno Infonet has successfully imbibed this requirement in its workplaces and work culture. Therefore, the company gives ample opportunities to perform fun activities for the staff. Every member of the Techno Infonet family gets the opportunity to participate in these activities and earn moments of relief as well as comfort.

One of the highly appreciated employee activities at the company is the Saturday activity, which is organized on the last Saturday of every month. Apart from this, every month, the company tries to raise the bar of these activities by surpassing the previous month’s event.

For the month of August, one of the finest Saturday activities took place on the company premises. Technorians gathered on the morning of Saturday and started the activity by playing various board games. These board games mainly included Sequence, Crossword, Chess, Business, Snakes and Ladders, and Ludo. These refreshing games helped in enhancing the excitement level of Technorians and upkeeping their energy. With the hurray shouting and cheering noises of employees, the whole workplace became vibrant.

After completing these games, an exclusive learning session was scheduled for all employees. In this session, the management shared various company updates and recent news. Moreover, the in-house session on the “Email Etiquettes” occurred. Technorians gained the most practical and highly favourable learning lessons from this session. They understood the basic guidelines of writing an email, primary email components, dos and don’ts of email, and the most advanced tactics to improve the email structure. This session helped every Technorian in enhancing their knowledge for achieving better professional milestones.

The memorable occasion was finished with delicious snacks and cold drinks. Technorians enjoyed all activities wholeheartedly. They left the workplace with a more positive mood and valuable learning practices. Certainly, Techno Infonet paved the trajectory of employee satisfaction with its remarkable planning, management, and commencement of Saturday activity. This type of employee engagement activity certainly helps in establishing strong employee bonds and increasing their loyalty toward the organization.

Saturday activity is not mere entertainment, it is the glue which sticks Techorians with one vision.